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The above are from what appears to be a homebrew game forum, and while awesomely quick-linked for convenience, if something differs on that page, in compare to the book= go by the book reference.

Important places;

Alfheim – Air and elves
Vanaheim – Light and elves, home to the Vanir
Svartalfheim – Subterranean world of darkness, dark elves/dwarves (Svartelfar meaning Black
Elves, Dvergar emaning dwarves. Why not both? Drow and dwarves)
Muspelheim – Fire giants
Nifelheim – Primal Ice and Frost giants
Midgard – Earth
Asgard – Godrealm
Jotunheim – Land of storms, ice giants
Hel – Underworld (non-warriors) You can get to Valhalla and Sessrumnir from here by nature of Death and Psychopomp
Valhalla – Technically in Asgard, BUT that’s the way in and out. Also connects to Hel and Folkvangr, the field of Freya’s where the other half of warriors go, in the hall Sessrumnir (also in Asgard)

Hermopolis Magna – (Where the titans are)
Duat – “underworld”, but is also the Sky and Godrealm –

Plain of High Heaven –
– Connected to earth by Ama-no uki-hashi (the “Floating Bridge of Heaven”).
Tsuchi – Earth, plain of Kunitsukami or earthly gods
Yomi – Shadowy land of the dead (underworld)

Tollan – Home of the Gods, origin of all aztec

The Celestial Bureaucracy

Helpful Links and Research

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