A Funny Thing Happened On The Way

On Firday, March 7th at his vineyard in California, Nick Satiro received a handwritten letter. The handwriting is immaculate and meticulous, perfectly even like it was printed, but it assuredly is not.

Mr. Satiro,

You are cordially invited to join a meet and greet in London, England on the 14th of March, 2014 at 6pm. Enclosed you will find a round trip ticket in your name, paid for and leaving the 13th and returning the 15th, in addition to a two night paid for stay at the Clardige Hotel in downtown. This invitation finds you in the hopes of a new alliance between us pertaining to skills and personage courtesy of Divine Birthright. It has been seen in the Threads of Fate that there is potential for greatness for you in the proposal I plan to lay before you and a select few others in person.

I invite you to hear us out and join us for an evening of wine and wonderful food, and even if you do not accept the offer perhaps you will find a new connection to benefit your Legend.

Loren Lawson

Nick has heard the name Loren Lawson in some very high circles. He’s known as an Acquisitions expert to the rich and famous, and Nick heard a story about how he found a supposed lost bottle of wine that belonged to Napoleon for a vintner in northern California earlier in 2013. The Clardige is one of the nicest hotels in London, 4 1/2 starts (there is not a 5 star in London, as the critics over there don’t believe in 5 stars).

Wrapping up anything that needs to be done in the next week, Nick finds himself on his way to the airport with his driver and it checking flight times and delays when they pull up to the Sonoma county Airport where his tickets were registered. Clearly a lot of care had been taken to make things convenient. There was a brief layover in Chicago, and while the idea of spending time in O’Hare did not particularly appeal, at least the drinks would be good.

Four hours later he was sampling a bottle of wine from his vineyard at the classy air lounge in Chicago’s O’Hare Airport When a beautiful woman sat down with him. Her skin was like coffee and cream, hair like antique gold and while darker near the roots, it seemed to be natural from the sun rather than dye. She was perfectly manicured from her pretty face to the hot pink toenails peeking from her open toed shoes and the sharp, if sexy business two piece she wore. The only oddity was that her hair was actually in dreadlocks, yet somehow managed to look… good on her. It wasn’t nappy or frizzy, just nicely twisted and clearly up kept.

Introducing herself as Ashliegh Petrou, Nick can feel her legend as another Scion, though he’s not heard of her before. As they chat, he discovers she’s from Las Vegas and owns a show club there, burlesque dancing among other things, and that she’s going to be on the same flight to London, though she’s continuing on to Germany after. Unfortunately their conversation is cut short when an explosion goes off somewhere near by. The thought of a terrorist attack never crosses either Scion’s mind though, as the explosion sends off a wave of Legend so large it makes the hair on their arms stand up.

Rushing to the location where the explosion occurred, there are security and police trying to block the area off, but as Nick and Ashliegh could see beyond they saw that the threat was nothing the mortal authorities would be able to deal with. It seemed the explosion had been caused when the large spiky, hairy trolls that had broken in had hit one of the baggage consoles with his rock hammer and exploded the interior motor.

Luckily, the authorities were doing a good job of keeping mortals that weren’t security away, however they were so distracted it was not hard for Nick and Ashliegh to get by. Producing a golden whip that seemed to glow with its own light, Ashliegh winked to Nick and leapt into the fray. Her whip crackled with lightning and she took on one of the troll immediately, ducking and dodging and taking bits of rock and dirt from its ‘hyde’ with grace and skill.

The one left for Nick was less gray and more of a dead flesh color, flats of stone covering its arms, shoulders and back, even with moss and grass and other flora growing in between like natural armor. From the size, these trolls didn’t seem to be very old (They got bigger with age) but they were at least two full stories tall. When its brother was attacked, the second troll roared and bent to swing at Nick, and through a dance that was legend fueled Nick eventually felled him.

Ashleigh was largely uninjured and refused medical attention from the airport staff that rushed in afterwards, and the rest of the time was spent using Charisma and Manipulation to explain away what had happened without undoing the tales of their exploits and not causing panic. It was a knife’s edge to maintain both things, but they managed. Unfortunately, they both missed their planes in the process.

Ashliegh cursed quite a bit over it in what sounded like Latin and rescheduled her flight on one outgoing almost immediately. “Sorry handsome, I have a meeting I can’t miss so I’ll have to take you up on a victory drink later. Best of luck on getting a flight, and it was nice working with you.” With a wink over her gathered luggage and a wiggle in her walk, she disappears into the crowd.

Over the intercom, Nick’s name is called up to the ticket desk and the hostess there says there’s not another flight out until morning, and they’d called the credit card holder thinking it was him. She hands him the phone saying the credit card holder would like to speak with him. A very cultured British accent speaks on the other end.

“Mr. Satiro. It’s a shame you won’t be joining us for the meeting this evening. I’m Loren Lawson. I hope this doesn’t dissuade you from your interest in my offer, but there will be other times. A minor setback to grow your legend is nothing to worry over, and I look forward to seeing you next time, and meeting you in person. You’re more than welcome to come to London and meet with my wife and I if you’d like, or you can take down my number, and we will be in touch.” Exchanging numbers, Loren chuckles at the explanation of what happened. “Well done sir. I think my offer will be mutually beneficial. I look forward to meeting with you in the future.”

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way

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