No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 12 - Demigod Celebration Party

or The Death of Gordon Shaw and freeing Fenris

The band, summoned together by a note from Baron Samedi, found themselves gathering in a swamp around a fire in New Orleans. At some point they all received a fortune cookie that the fortunes all matched reading;
“Beware Chinese influence. You have an altercation in your future. -Ihui"

This came on the heels of everyone having a different dream about being attacked in some way by Chinese related forces, but no one could yet put together any clues to figure out what it meant.

When The Good Baron appeared, he was wheeling a flat scree TV with remote, though it didn’t seemed to be plugged in to anything, and greeted them, turning on the TV to the news. NEWS STORY CNN News Jan

Giving them a rousing speech about what they were doing and where they needed to go, he pulled Desi off for a little conversation before returning to New Orleans, as the concern over the Underworld cracking was growing. And not unwarranted either it seemed. Shortly thereafter, Loren said the Baron had called him and required their aid in downtown.

The heroes arrived to find ghosts, Chinese demons and a powerful Restless Dead controlling them to attack the people of New Orleans. Behind him, Gordon Shaw was crucified on the building top, and the Scions knew this was the Monkey-King’s scion’s nemesis. After a long, arduous battle, the vanquishing of the Restless Dead Emperor [Xiang Lu]], a strange effect went off and the Scions found themselves in the middle of downtown Hong Kong.

Arrested by the authorities for appearing out of no-where (a fairly BS reason, but such is the way)m while sitting in jail, the Scions received a text from Ihui that read; “And thus, did the doors swing open and the righteous walk free into the world again.” After this they were released.

Returning to NOLA via The City Incognita, Loren, who’d not been ported with them, let them know the Baron had set up a funerary right for Gordon back where they’d been in the swamp. Returning there and burning wishes for their fallen comrade, The somber moment gave way to determination.

Building on an idea Guillermo and Meja had discussed, the band decided to try and get the Sword of a Fire Giant to try and free Fenris.



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