No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 10 - End of the Rainbow

or The Plan That Didn't Go According To Plan for THEM

Told in the style of Ihui

It had started as such a pleasant meal. Not my favorite music, but Ms. Germanotta seemed a pleasant enough person.

Evidently my judge of character was lacking.

The next I remembered, I was bound in an icy prison with Angrboda and Leviathan mulling aloud over how they wished to handle my torment and subsequent execution.

Their judge of character was far more remiss than my own.

I then spent the first of the month being “tortured” by Leviathan. Skilled, yes, but their choice of subject was the poorest they could have made from our band. I stoked his impotent rage from my unending joviality and mockery of his attempts to wound me markedly until Angrboda was eventually impatient enough to personally take over in place of her incompetent subordinate. This did not prove any more productive for them, even though there were several times in her fury where I thought she may actually do me in. No matter what they did, I survived and never showed a wound physically nor emotionally. I would never be able to face my family and friends had I broken under such trivial circumstances.

After the better part of a month – maybe longer? It was difficult to tell how time passed there. They both grew tired of making no progress and my relentless japery at their expense. Finally, Angrboda sent me into a deep, deep slumber. However, not to be one to rest idly in such a situation, my mind wandered far, far away from where I was and into the distant stars. There, I meditated and studied the movement of the stars, galaxies, and worlds. In the seeming chaotic movements, I found structure and patterns. I found meaning in their dance, and with it I discovered the movement of the universe – Time itself. I then saw how to step outside the dance, join and leave where I wished, and how to adjust the steps of others.

I wandered for a time that even I cannot count, as I moved between the multitudinous worlds and stars, between the ebb and flow of the Tides of Time. Eventually, I returned to see those whom I know so well, and found them coming to bring me back.

Now, in an ethereal dreamscape, things do not behave as normally do in the waking world, so my recounting of the events which transpired around me while I slumbered are not to be taken as a lucid description of what happened. That said, my band came together quite beautifully to make their way through the trapped field of deadly shafts of enchanted ice, assail the unscalable tower on which I rested, and break its enchantment in a… Very inventive way. I’m still not certain that the flying cat artillery was not bleed-over into reality from the dream realms.

… And then, with a kiss from my Heroic Prince, the curse of slumber was broken, and we all rode gaily into the sunset – crashing unceremoniously into my other brother’s bar.



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