Picture it now; a perfect world

Whatever your mind fills in for those words in tandem, “perfect” and “world”, be it pristine jungles with rainbows arching over the falling water from the cliffside, an advanced culture where cybernetics genetically enhance the human race with flying cars and a collective consciousness akin to the internet or merely a world like the one you know without war, disease and death. Picture in your mind this Utopia and hold it dear. Never forget it.

There is a cycle to life, to the world and even the universe. It starts small, growing and evolving both scientifically and spiritually. Things grow and die, Sentience gained and species lost as minds grow larger, smarter, more self aware. Then conflict. Fights for survival, dominance and eventually power. Men and Women begin to manipulate nature and one another. Gods are born and magic brings with their birth religion and a new kind of fear outside of the natural fears inborn to us all.

But in this magic, there are those smarter than others, and the Gods are bound before they spiral out of control. The Great Old Ones, Titans, Elder Gods whatever you wish to call them, they are the ones from whence this creation spawned. Or perhaps they were spawned from belief in creation, no one can really know or be sure because they are more powerful than anything that has come since. They bind the Gods, bind them into a cycle much like the cycle of life. Birth, growth, conflict, victory or defeat, and eventually death as all things do. The Gods become scared and fight back, but its too late. Time and again, the Gods fight this fate. They rise up, bringing their children to fight and try to Bind the Old Gods, but eventually all they bring is the utter destruction of the world… and the cycle begins again. Though the colors and detail may be different, the pattern is the same and everyone is bound to play their parts just as they have the thousands of times before.

Now imagine if your Perfect World were possible and the only thing preventing such beautiful and perfect visions was this cycle. If the Gods can be changed, killed in different ways, stopped or even rewritten outside of the Fate they are Bound to, then the world would not have to end, and a new chapter, with new kings and gods could be written for the first time in more millennia than man is capable of conceiving.

I tried once, but I was only one man. Though the story changed slightly, the pattern and result were the same. I am forever Bound into that now, and have been for so long I’ve lost track. I’m tired, and I’m sick of The Cycle. It’s time for change, but I can no longer be that catalyst. I will find those who can be though, and hope that they will see, that they can understand what earth-shattering impacts they can have on their world, and hopefully the world to come. The time of Gods is ending, and the Titans will no longer be needed. We stand on the precipice of greatness and so many shall feel the sweet release of whatever is to come when The Cycle is Broken.

Ragnarok is fast upon us, children. It is time to choose a side, and I welcome you with open arms. Who will join me?