Mundane rumors are ones the mortals and the average population whisper
Divine rumors are the ones the legendary culture (incognitas, the grey folk/fae, other scions) whisper.

- (Divine) The Spectre is looking for members of the band. A highly skilled assassin who some don’t even believe exist.

- (Divine) Loren Lawson is a stronger Demigod than he lets on, though this defies logic and the point of gaining Legend.

- (Mundane) Desi Red embezzles money from her Charity funds, but knows Voodoo, and everyone is afraid to investigate her.

- (Mundane and Divine) Guillermo Espinosa is far less magnanimous and above table as he plays on TV, and is actually into some very dark shit.

- (Divine) Sydney Lawson is hypnotized, magicked or brainwashed to stay with her husband and is actually a prisoner.

- (Mundane) Ihuicatl Espinosa actually doesn’t care about his projects, and is just “in it” for the fame.

- (Mundane) Meja Espinosa is sleeping with her entire crew, including the married ones.

- (Divine) Rumors of Nick Satiro’s death have been greatly exaggerated.

- (Divine) Roman Berber is breeding Orochs to help the titans.


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