House rules and character creation information

This is a work in progress. This will likely change and I will certainly be adding more as I think of it. Think of it as a VSS or Mission statement… ish. _

ST requisites
1. If you are of any Pantheon that IS NOT Aesir, you are a scion of whatever Divine parent you choose. You DID NOT get your Visitation (read Awakening, welcome to being a Scion 101) from your parent. Example; Brent is a Scion of Quetzalcoatl, but got his Visitation from Tlazolteotl. She told him that Quetz gave her his permission to Visit Brent, and that the Relic she’s handing him if from his Dad and he’s a Scion of Quetz and NOT Tlazolteotl.

If you ARE playing Aesir, you need to email me. No favorites, there’s a reason, its just a little different and there will need to be a scene run. No one gets more shinies than anyone else.

2. Legend is 3. Read Legend area below

3. While making your character, try to have a good idea of what you would want your character to be the God/Goddess of. No full disclosure or Plot breakingness, but there is a chance you guys will be creating a new Pantheon of Gods. When making a Scion, make whatever you want! I’m not going to limit anyone, I can work with anything. But try to have a general awareness of your fellow players and their concepts, and try to build a concept that could lead towards being the God of <insert> with the idea that you might be creating a new Pantheon entirely. (Then please let me know what that is so I can help you get there _)

Bonus Points
I am a giving and charitable DM, take 30 starting bonus points. You’re Legend 3, not 2. Have some EEPS.

We are starting all characters with 3 Legend. You don’t have to pay for it, and you will never have to pay for it. Unlike other games with which we are familiar, The power stat of Legend drives the story of the game. When Scions have certain levels of Legend, it will dictate how and what exactly they can do, how others interact with them, and in fact how long (eventually) they can stay within reality. It can be detrimental for Scions who have reached Legend 5 or higher (Demigods or Gods) to spend long periods of time in Midgard and not in Terra Incognitas or In Between realms. Also, characters of greatly Varied legends don’t/can’t work well together, and while you don’t have to like each other as characters in this game, you will have to work together.

Due to this, as ST I’m going to be determining when characters gain their next point of Legend. Not everyone will “level up” at once, but it will be in short order as with the working together you all will be helping each other to become more legendary for good or for ill.

The bad news; You don’t get to determine when you get more powerful. For this I do promise to try and keep it as story demands. IF you’ve gotten to a point you feel you’ve done enough and want to go up in Legend, you can come talk to me. Hopefully I will be able to mitigate this and will grant legend in the story before you feel you need to talk to me, but I’m putting it out there just in case.

The Good News; The responsibility is not on you to try and figure out when it will be good story wise and for the other players as a responsible player to agonize over when and when not to buy Legend. That and the BEST news being; YOU DON’T HAVE TO BUY IT! That will give you SO MANY MORE points to spend elsewhere! Legend is the most expensive thing to purchase with XP. So have some XP on the house.

This is nothing you will find in ANY of the books, because its something (with wonderful help from Brent, Danny and Jill) that I have crafted for a LARP setting; Creative Thaumaturgy. CT in this game I’m going to call Miracles, and here’s why;

There is no CT system in Scion, and what your character and The Gods Themselves is limited to are the Boons and Knacks listed in the book. After much discussion and personal opinion on this, I think everyone can agree, THIS IS DUMB. So I present to you, Miracles.

A Scion can call upon her Legend to do miraculous and legendary things. But sometimes the tried and true methods passed down from Divine parent to their children don’t fit what the Scion needs, or perhaps a new trial faces the Scion in these nights where the Titans stir.
As many times per day as the Scion has dots of Legend, she can perform a Miracle from within a Purview to which she has access. Her pool will consist of her highest level Boon within that Purview plus her dots of legend. She can spend to increase her pool with temporary Legend Points or Willpower as per rules on such things and her number of successes determines the magnitude of the Miracle and how successful and legendary her Miracle becomes.

Example; Tom is playing a Scion of Loki, and has Legend 3 and Boons in Chaos, Magic and Fire. Tom’s character is being pursued by titan spawn and he knows that he can’t take them all, and has to slow them enough to get back to his Band so they can fight the Spawn together. He’s tried a few of his Chaos Boons to trip them up, and a few Magic ones as well, but nothing’s working. The only Fire Boon Tom’s character has is Fire’s Eye (ooo) that allows him to see through fire. Thinking outside the box, Tom decides to have his character create a Miracle. Adding his pool; Legend 3 + Highest level Fire Boon 3, Tom pulls a 7 on top of his base of 6 for a 13 and gains 2 successes to create a wall of fire behind him. With two successes the storyteller determines that it is both wide enough and tall enough the titan spawn are going to have to find another way around to continue to pursue and ergo gives Tom’s character time to get to the other characters for back up.


  • Legend, as elaborated above. You start with three and get more as we go further in the story
  • Scent the Divine – Knack for Epic perception I believe, but even if you don’t have Epic Perception, go ahead and put the Knack on your sheet. This allows you to recognize when you are in the presence of a Scion, and usually what Pantheon if it is one with which you are familiar. Super useful, a gift from your magnanimous ST
    Pantheon Scent and Possible Sound
    Aesir Burning amber, with a snap of electricity
    Amatsukami Cherry blossoms, with a roaring wave
    Atlantis Ice, with no sound
    Atzlánti Fresh blood, accompanied by the sound of a heartbeat
    Celestial Bureaucracy Ink and old paper, with a sound of rustling silk
    Devas Incense, with a low humming
    Dodekatheon Olives in hot air, with a murmuring crowd
    Loa Rum and tobacco, with a drumbeat
    Pesedjet Dry dust and sand, with a sound of wind
    Tuatha Dé Dannan Fresh grass and clover, with a sound of creaking wood

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