The Black Forest – Die Schwartzwald – Incognita of “the Forest”, by far one of the more well known Incognitas. There’s the more northern pine forest bit, and the more moderate foresty bits like in GA (I have no idea what those kins of forests are called) and at the center is the Grimm Fairy Tale forest complete with child eating witches (this is where the Troll Wives live and Angrabotha rules as the “Troll Queen”.) Baba Jaga also lives here, instead of a God realm, though Baba Jaga is not always a villainess.


The Market Place – Incognita of commerce and finding anything for any price, The Marketplace is a hub to many other incognitas, and typically one of the first most psychopomps manage to find when they are powerful enough to do so.

Dropped into the Marketplace for the first time by an unknown force, the band met James Salib, a Naga and ally of Loren’s who gave them sanctuary until the demigod could come fetch them and take them home.


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