No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 1 : London Undead
or How It All Got Started

After receiving invitations from the infamous Loren Lawson, only 4 of the seven invited Scions made it to London. Expected to a degree since Fate never leaves the Children of Gods alone for long, Loren explained his reasons for calling everyone together.

One way or another everyone knew him, knew his name and knew his wife Sydney. Loren was clearly a Demigod (of 5 or more legend), while Sydney was merely a Hero. With her powers of Magic and Prophecy it had been determined that the invited individuals were destined to be in a Band with Sydney, and hopefully stop or dissuade or change (for the better) the outcome of Ragnarok. Loren made it clear he was hoping they stopped it since “The world was where he keeps his things”.

When asked why it was so important to him, acting as “Charlie to their angels” by Guillermo, Loren made it clear that his overarching goal was to see the success and continued well being of his wife. Also, since he was more bound to the current fate of the world as a Demigod, he wished to help cultivate the possibility such a fate could be changed, but not do so himself, directly.

As a show of good will he gifted Relics to each Scion, gear specifically for what they were good at, and gave them an easy but necessary assignment of cleaning up some zombies in the Southern California desert, courtesy of the broken Underworlds. Transporting them all there with Psychopomp, once the job was handled they were brought back to chat and enjoy the rest of the paid for stay in the Clardige Hotel and time in London. Until the next time he found an assignment for them, hopefully when Fate would allow all seven of the fated band to be in one place.

Game 2: Wolfsheim Part I
Nazi Werewolves, Goblins Kings and Rural Germans, OH MY!

As promised the month before, the Scions were summoned by their new benefactor Loren Lawson. This time the Band was joined by two of their missing members, Nick Satiro and Gordon Shaw when all were arrived in London, the new mix for personalities keeping everyone amused for some time.

When Loren arrived and business was addressed, he explained that the next assignment was one of a sensitive nature as it involved children and would be taking them to the heart of Die Schwartzwald, or The Black Forrest in Germany. IT seemed that there was a tradition, taken over from sometimes after WWII that the werewolves that ran the town of Wolfsheim, ironically named as it was named such before the werewolves had taken over, were forcing the townspeople to participate in the Kindernacht. This tradition was rumored to be a competition in which children were chosen and sent into the woods to be hunted by the werewolves wereupon if the children made their way back to the village they were safe, though it was unlikely from what had been heard that the werewolves played fair.

This of course was plenty of information for the band to go investigate, and after tying up any immediate affairs they were off.

Arriving in the town, they were met with wariness and resistance, finding the Mayor to be an airheaded push over who lived in fear, and only 3 people who seemed to want to change the traditions though even they were not without fear. It was explained that the Kindernacht had been started by the goblins generations before the werewolves ever showed up, and that the werewolves and Goblins had been warring ever since, which was why the Kindernacht was so unfair. The Goblins would try and take their tribute in addition the werewolve’s games and everyone suffered.

The problem, and the reason the people just didn’t leave, was they felt they were trapped. In addition the goblins supposedly protected them, keeping the land around in the forest safe, while Herr Kreiger, the head of Krieger Munitions and the local facility that supplied most of the income for the town. Most people felt if they tried to leave one side or the other would try and stop them.

Mulling over the information, and being taken in by the resistance, GuillermoGuillermo, Ihui and Desi put in orders for silver weaponry as the resistance had internet. Guillermo then went to scope out the Munitions facility and it was agreed that they needed to impress upon the goblins that they needed to stay out of the Band’s handling of the werewolves.

Once Desi managed to singlehandedly intimidate the begoogers out of Puck the Goblin King, they had the oaths of the fae that they would stay out of it and decided to see if the old statue in the middle of town adhered to old traditions of having a piece of the person they were an effigy of in the center. They did, and after the statue was destroyed, Desi called on her powers of Cheval and Vodun to work a spell that would enable her to ride Herr Krieger and control him in their confrontation.

With Guillermo’s recon, Desi’s magic and a lot of discussion, the band had the beginnings of a plan to storm the munitions factory and free the town of what they had since discovered were not only werewolves that ate their children… but were also Nazi’s.

Game 3: Wolfsheim Part II
This Is My Boom Stick

With the town of Wolfsheim scouted, and voodoo blackmail on Herr Krieger procured, the group convened to discuss tactics. Once the group realized that Gordon had vanished and wasn’t coming back (Even Loren was unable to find him), it was decided that Desi would “ride” Herr Krieger (there really isn’t a good way to say that, is there?) and force him into the open along with his lycanthrope troops where the crew would put them down.

Guillermo took a sniper’s post, while Sydney hung back to be ready to heal any who needed it, and Desi began her work as Ihui bolstered the front-liner’s health. As her spirit flew towards Krieger, she realized that the factory (as it was now daytime) was full of civilian workers and security personnel, so she used her control of Krieger to direct the security personnel outside, and the civilians into a downstairs storage area where they’d be safe.

Meanwhile, battle was joined outside. Many of the security personnel were human, but roughly a third of them were werewolves. Guillermo shot the tower guards (getting two with one shot) and Nick was a blur as he laid about with his thyrsus staff. Meja charged into battle on Kisa, wielding her spear.

Halfway through the grueling fight against vastly superior numbers, the howls of five fenrir pups echoed from the mountain. Guillermo spotted them and made quick work of them, making a trick shot that killed four with ricochet damage and simply shooting the last.

Desi forced Herr Krieger, still under her control, to leave the building along with his two loyal personal guards. With the last of her control, she forced Herr Krieger to shoot one of his guards, and Guillermo ended Krieger seconds later. As the battle closed, Meja performed a minor miracle of Death that destroyed many foes at once, and Ihui summoned Walter to aid him, and performed an awe-inspiring display of martial arts to destroy the mob of enemies he faced, summoning the blood of the fallen to bolster his own Legend and heal his wounds, whereupon the last few remaining foes surrendered.

With a battlefield full of corpses and a basement full of mundane civilians, Meja and Nick worked together to decay the bodies and return them to the earth to hide the carnage. Guillermo purchased the factory, then Ihui reassured the frightened workers and sent them home. The group reconvened in town, where, in the midst of trying to determine whether the townspeople would be okay with the goblins continuing Kindernacht in exchange for protecting the town, Puck arrived in a flare of purple fairie fire to make a deal.

Puck’s offer was a bit different than the old deal. The kids would be sent out into the woods to play hide-and-seek. If the children are found before sunrise, the goblins claim them for their own. If the kids are NOT found by sunrise, the goblins will escort them back to town safe. If the kids are not sent out at all, the goblins will burn down the town.

Game 4: Wolfsheim and The Marketplace
Where, oh where, has my little band gone?

Having laid the groundwork for the people of Wolfsheim to prosper without the need for the protection of either the defeated werewolves OR the Goblins, the band moved to ask the Goblins to GTFO. The plan was actually to convince Puck to Challenge them so that they could pick a cold iron eating contest, one which Ihui could easily survive [though passing cold iron bullets didn’t appeal, and everyone but Guillermo seemed to agree.]

However it seemed that Puck was disinclined. After their first run in, Desi’s intimidations seemed to have stuck and the contest was unnecessary when she basically nice threatened him to leave. Though Puck got the last word saying this would not be the last time they met.

Reveling in their victory, the band returned to the town with the good news, but it was short lived. With no warming and in the middle of Wolfsheim, the band popped out of existence and into a very strange place. Luckily, Meja had her map and was able to determine they were in The Marketplace, and Sydney seemed to almost panic at this discovery. It was impressed upon them that not only was the Market a particularly dangerous location for lowered powered Scions, but that unless they found something or a way to contact Loren, they had no way to get home.

Through ever shifting districts, trying to make their way to the heart of the Terra Incognita that seemed to be the one place that stayed the same, they were met with strange Arabian style markets where your hands could be cut off for stealing, flying car roadways to a Neon Tokyo type open-air fish market (complete with Doki Doki and Domo-cun), and disappearing people with strange teleportation that did not deem to share. The which, if Ihui and Guillermo were right, might have been less teleportation and more “To Oblivion And Beyond” if not done correctly.

Luckily, in the heart of The Marketplace there was a large vendor tent run by a Naga, James Salib, who turned out to be a friend of Loren’s. Desi was able to leave him a message, so they hoped from the strange signal and sometimes-connections, and as Sydney tried to explain to James what was going on, a large, tingly, uber powerful call of Legend heralded Loren’s arrival… and sour temperament.

Taking them all back and thanking James, Loren explained that when he’d gotten Desi’s call, he was able to determine through Magic that Guillermo’s joke about it being the missing Gordon’s fault was not entirely inaccurate. It seemed an enemy Shaw had made recently, an ancient ghost named Xiang Lu was bent on getting them out of the way, or at least keeping them occupied until he could finish what he started with Gordon, as he seemed to take the Scion prisoner. Loren, was still working on where the son of The Monkey King was…

That the Acquisitions expert was having a hard time did nothing for ANYONE’s moods or hopes.

After this, Loren took each Scion wherever they wished to go, saying to take a little time for their mundane lives and perhaps frivolity until he could locate Gordon, or something else arose.

Game 5: NOLA and The Death Of Nick Satiro
One HELLUVA party...

After a week of much needed recovery and less excitement than the band was becoming accustom, Desi decided to throw a party in celebration of their progress and good fortune as a band. Loren, still looking for Gordon, was not to be present, and the Thursday before everyone had received a call from a very upset Sydney saying she’d had a nightmare about death and wanting to make sure all were okay. Everyone was and that seemed to ease the upset, but there was still a vibe of unease.

Then it came around to the party, and everyone was there. Loren said he had other business to attend but brought Sydney, the Espinosa’s were in attendance and nipping socially at each other as normal, and Nick was enjoying making wine for everyone while Desi kicked back in her natural environment to be waited on. Nick told everyone that he’d had some trepidation at first, but after Wolfsheim he was feeling like maybe the y had a chance to win this, creating wine for everyone and bringing a toast to the band.

Then a man in a nicely tailored suit showed up and introduced himself as Jonathan Levi, the new owner of Mars Bars incorporated, which tipped the band off he might not be there to help seeings as the head of Mars Bars Corp. Forrest Mars had just died under strange circumstance and the bandmates had just been discussing how he’d helped all of them at one point or another in the past. Well that and the smell of red tide that seemed to permeate around Levi. Which he took offense to saying his cologne was very expensive. He also had monsters with him, horrible creatures with no eyes or noses but nasty teeth and disfigured, gangling limbs that ended in dagger like claws. There were white ones and black ones, the blackones had red teeth and their claws dripped with red poison, the white ones with black teeth all lurking and slinking around Desi’s porch as Levi spoke.

He explained to them that he was going to offer them a deal, to join the Titans and abandon their quest to stop Ragnarok, or else… basically. He revealed that he had the legendary God Killer sword, but that it didn’t actually work how he’d hoped; Gods couldn’t be killed. Once a divine being became a god, their essence was immortal, so even if their body was slain, their soul would come back in the next cycle. However, it could kill heros…

…Which he demonstrated when he disappeared and stabbed nick through the back, killing him. The heroes were frozen by a Titan power and could do nothing but watch in horror before Levi disappeared and nick dropped to the ground. Meja, heeding her call as a psychopomp and the only one with Death magic, helped Nick crossover with one last farewell.

While the band was trying to regain composure, a very angry Lawson appeared having been alerted to the events and tapping another resource introducing them to Roman Berber, a cow farmer Scion of Vidar to join the band and explaining that Jonathan Levi was actually Leviathan. Loren then took Ihui saying his talents would be needed to see if they could find Gordon once and for all.

After this, deciding that stopping Ragnarok suddenly because a lot more immediate and discussed how to do that. Deciding they were in need of talking to Fenris, among other things, thought Sydney was hesitant and said that she would not talk to Fenris himself, Meja called in a favor of her boyfriend Icos Doukas to get them to The Forrest where Fenris was bound. Icos sent his bandmate Altaïr Medicci who was very catlike and while he seemed less than pleased to be a Taxi service, he seemed very pleased to see Desi, which mitigated the Catlike man’s irritation.

In the Forrest the band fought rock rats on their way to speak with the World Eater, and managed to convince him to hear them out on some conditions;
1. He wanted to speak with his father
2. Kill Dumbfucks and Crybabies, (Black and White Leviathan monsters)
3. and get him a spot in the Loa Underworld which, Baron Samedi just straight up turned up in Desi’s home when they returned and basically said was a deal IF the band could get Fenris to agree not to fight in Ragnarok.

Afte rthat, they went to clean up some of Leviathan and Angraboda’s creatures in New Orleans, and parted ways until next time.

Game 6: Boobs, Sirens and not enough Mead
No really, not enough mead in the WORLD.

Loren called the crew together to go get Excalibur/The Sword of Frey out of the hands of a weaselly little fellow named Skirnir, who is a God of the Aesir because of course he is. We tricked him into giving up the sword in exchange for vaguely implied favors from Desi at a vaguely defined date and time in the future. This definitely involved a god snuggling blissfully into Desi’s cleavage, which would have gone on much longer if not for Roman’s restraining Skirnir and Loren’s quick use of portals. In exchange for the long-term indignity of Skirnir’s continuing attention, Desi was given the Sword of Frey to wield until such a time as we needed to give it back to Frey at Ragnarok.

Then, Tori got in touch with Roman, telling him that he’d found some sirens, a fact significant because Roman had been given a partial list of epic tasks to complete that, for every two of which completed, he would gain one piece of a relic shield. Escorting a group of sirens “where they needed to go” is one such task.

Thus, the whole group went to Greece, where we met Donnie Rhodes and Eric Donner, who had the information we needed on the group of sirens. We went to meet the sirens, who were acting as singers via a ritual that allowed them to survive on land for a short period (while on land, they had no compulsion to eat people), but which forced them to traverse the city streets on foot so that they could walk through a particular archway in order for the magic to function.

Unfortunately, this predictable route left them vulnerable to attack, so they were in need of protection. The Band agreed, and we traveled with them along their walk home. As expected, we were assaulted by a group of titan-tainted mindless drones dressed as muggers, who were chanting in a strange language surrounding us in a circle. Meja quickly pounced on one of them with Kisa, but the creature moved aside with supernatural speed, barely moving out of place to avoid Kisa’s strike, which, while frustrating, served to inform the group that normal means of combat would be useless here.

The group opted to solve the problem with miracles.

Desi used the Sword of Frey to remove the shirt of one of the chanters, revealing festering, rotting occult tattoos. Meja vaulted off of a leaping Kisa’s back to jump as high as she possibly could and called down a rain of despair, disrupting the chanters and buying additional time.
Roman leaped into the air and slammed into the ground, knocking several chanters prone and killing one.Guillermo attempted to influence the minds of the cultists, but was disappointed to discover that they had none. At that point, he decided to use a Miracle of the Sun to set one on fire instead.

Meja slapped a handprint into her own blood onto the face of one drone and banished it “Elsewhere.” Everyone involved was surprised that the unfortunate drone wound up in Ashleigh’s living room. Desi cut the vivre of Erzulie into her chest and passed out. As the goons had no minds of their own to speak of, Guillermo called on the power of Fate to force four of the remaining drones to suffer the same Fate as their compatriot (who was burning to death at the time) as Roman gathered up the sirens and leaped away to the ocean in a single mighty bound, taking them to safety.

Meja bribed Kisa into helping her summon the cats of the city to slay the four goons that were not on fire. Guillermo then called on a miracle of the Moon to pull back the tide, rescuing Roman from the sirens who, perhaps due to the stress of the assault, had decided once they got into the ocean water that they needed to eat him, and not in the fun way. Guillermo pushed back the very sea, deactivating the sirens’ unnatural hunger and allowed Roman to return to safety.

Suddenly, the five remaining drones (all of whom were on fire) turned and looked at us worshipfully before collapsing into ash, and Desi returned to consciousness.

After Meja returned from the fish market from fulfilling her promise to Kisa, Loren took us back to his flat, which is where we discovered that Desi had been a busy girl indeed while she’d been unconscious. Using a Miracle of Chevalle, she had traced the sigils tattooed into the drones’ chests first to the tattoo artist who had installed them, then to the being that had been possessing the artist when the tattoos were installed: Gnut, a Titan of Earth. She spent a bit of time in the Titan’s mind and even managed to overpower her briefly, commanding all of her followers to, for a period of six seconds, obey and worship us instead.

Game 7 - Venus Buried
or How Desi Liked Dirt Even Less
Game 8 - Qué hora es? Tiempo de Aventura !
or Espinosa's Abroad
Game 9 - Leading Into Trouble
or How Angrboda Pulled a Magic Trick and Still Didn't Get It

Saving Loren leading into Ihui’s abduction

Game 10 - End of the Rainbow
or The Plan That Didn't Go According To Plan for THEM

Told in the style of Ihui

It had started as such a pleasant meal. Not my favorite music, but Ms. Germanotta seemed a pleasant enough person.

Evidently my judge of character was lacking.

The next I remembered, I was bound in an icy prison with Angrboda and Leviathan mulling aloud over how they wished to handle my torment and subsequent execution.

Their judge of character was far more remiss than my own.

I then spent the first of the month being “tortured” by Leviathan. Skilled, yes, but their choice of subject was the poorest they could have made from our band. I stoked his impotent rage from my unending joviality and mockery of his attempts to wound me markedly until Angrboda was eventually impatient enough to personally take over in place of her incompetent subordinate. This did not prove any more productive for them, even though there were several times in her fury where I thought she may actually do me in. No matter what they did, I survived and never showed a wound physically nor emotionally. I would never be able to face my family and friends had I broken under such trivial circumstances.

After the better part of a month – maybe longer? It was difficult to tell how time passed there. They both grew tired of making no progress and my relentless japery at their expense. Finally, Angrboda sent me into a deep, deep slumber. However, not to be one to rest idly in such a situation, my mind wandered far, far away from where I was and into the distant stars. There, I meditated and studied the movement of the stars, galaxies, and worlds. In the seeming chaotic movements, I found structure and patterns. I found meaning in their dance, and with it I discovered the movement of the universe – Time itself. I then saw how to step outside the dance, join and leave where I wished, and how to adjust the steps of others.

I wandered for a time that even I cannot count, as I moved between the multitudinous worlds and stars, between the ebb and flow of the Tides of Time. Eventually, I returned to see those whom I know so well, and found them coming to bring me back.

Now, in an ethereal dreamscape, things do not behave as normally do in the waking world, so my recounting of the events which transpired around me while I slumbered are not to be taken as a lucid description of what happened. That said, my band came together quite beautifully to make their way through the trapped field of deadly shafts of enchanted ice, assail the unscalable tower on which I rested, and break its enchantment in a… Very inventive way. I’m still not certain that the flying cat artillery was not bleed-over into reality from the dream realms.

… And then, with a kiss from my Heroic Prince, the curse of slumber was broken, and we all rode gaily into the sunset – crashing unceremoniously into my other brother’s bar.


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