No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 15
Game 14 - House of the Rising Sun
or Your Worst Nightmare, Coyote The Sanctimonias and The Lab
Game 13 - Xiabalba and the Guardian
or That Awful Hole and the NOPE Beast of Doom

Another large Earthquake was felt in Asia today, making the eighth 6.0 + rated Earthquake since last month. The Quakes started around the 16th of January, and Seismologists are baffled as there had previously been no tectonic movement, until suddenly there was.

This of course has raised a number of End Times scares, one Church already having had a mass suicide in response. Seismologists are studying the phenominon, in lieu of these events and as of yet have nothing to report.

Repercussions are being felt world wide, the earthquake that shook the Mid Atlantic ridge last week sending a Tsunami that has finally crashed on the coast of South America, the half heading for Africa due to hit withing the next few days. Authorities were able to evacuate a majority of the population, but due to those who refused to leave and a few scientists, there have been a few reported deaths. There is no solid number for the death toll at this time. There has been no word from Cuba at this time, though tidal storms and hurricanes have been bombarding the islands of the gulf and Mexico rather badly. the Campeche Oeninsula has seen some of the worst weather for mainland Mexico at this time, but sources tell us, most everyone has evacuated best they can.

Jonathan Levi is seen on TV with stills of the band in China. “This man, who conveniently just went in to government contracts with two allied countries, appears out of “thin air” in China with a group of questionable individuals and manages to get out within a day with no word or announcement? Is that really the kind of people we want arming our troops?”

Before he gets to the part about demanding the group be labeled traitors, the scene is switched to a conferences with Desi. She’s talking about how the Band is known as a humanitarian group, clips of each of them, even Ihui, doing charity work (including that one time Guillermo lost a bet and had to come long with Meja and Ihui pre-visitations) She explains that after the band had accounts from impoverished and oppressed individuals from around the world of the deplorable conditions of jails all across the world (see very specifically this – – state department report on international prison conditions) the Band decided to pool their resources and energies to do something about it. She is quoted to say; The TV shows a picture of Desi with text scrolling down, anchor reading.

“We knew that getting actual evidence and details would be very difficult due to the lies and spin foreign governments employ to downplay atrocities in their countries. As such, we knew our best bet at getting as close to the truth as possible would be to arrive overseas and be placed in these jails first-hand.” Desi again at the press conference: “Some may call this stupidity, or nothing more than a publicity stunt, but let those stones be thrown by people who have put their reputations and their lives on the line to see first-hand these deplorable, atrocious conditions all across the globe that millions have been subjected to. We will fight for humans on the front-lines, and we will do it unapologetically. Any who would speak against our choices wear the same faces of tyranny that we have discovered in human rights violations all through the lands. I will pray for them.”

With the Natural disasters continuing, the band is brought together by Eric Donner, upset and coming to Roman in desperation after Tori recommended the Scion of Thor come to him. Tori was busy dealing with issues with his apparently estranged wife, and Donner needed help. He appeared with Dr. Aaron Tigrillo to implore the band’s help once all were gathered, saying that Donnie Rhodes and Brigitte De La Croix, their bandmates, had not died or committed suicide, but were murdered.

The band agreed and going to Donnie’s apartment in LA, Guillermo was able to reveal that there was in fact foul play involved, specifically in the shape of Leviathan. Meja also determined that while they were not in their respective underworlds as they were supposed to be, she would hopefully be able to track them.

Game 12 - Demigod Celebration Party
or The Death of Gordon Shaw and freeing Fenris

The band, summoned together by a note from Baron Samedi, found themselves gathering in a swamp around a fire in New Orleans. At some point they all received a fortune cookie that the fortunes all matched reading;
“Beware Chinese influence. You have an altercation in your future. -Ihui"

This came on the heels of everyone having a different dream about being attacked in some way by Chinese related forces, but no one could yet put together any clues to figure out what it meant.

When The Good Baron appeared, he was wheeling a flat scree TV with remote, though it didn’t seemed to be plugged in to anything, and greeted them, turning on the TV to the news. NEWS STORY CNN News Jan

Giving them a rousing speech about what they were doing and where they needed to go, he pulled Desi off for a little conversation before returning to New Orleans, as the concern over the Underworld cracking was growing. And not unwarranted either it seemed. Shortly thereafter, Loren said the Baron had called him and required their aid in downtown.

The heroes arrived to find ghosts, Chinese demons and a powerful Restless Dead controlling them to attack the people of New Orleans. Behind him, Gordon Shaw was crucified on the building top, and the Scions knew this was the Monkey-King’s scion’s nemesis. After a long, arduous battle, the vanquishing of the Restless Dead Emperor [Xiang Lu]], a strange effect went off and the Scions found themselves in the middle of downtown Hong Kong.

Arrested by the authorities for appearing out of no-where (a fairly BS reason, but such is the way)m while sitting in jail, the Scions received a text from Ihui that read; “And thus, did the doors swing open and the righteous walk free into the world again.” After this they were released.

Returning to NOLA via The City Incognita, Loren, who’d not been ported with them, let them know the Baron had set up a funerary right for Gordon back where they’d been in the swamp. Returning there and burning wishes for their fallen comrade, The somber moment gave way to determination.

Building on an idea Guillermo and Meja had discussed, the band decided to try and get the Sword of a Fire Giant to try and free Fenris.

Game 11 - Yuletide Greetings
or Santa Odin Claus and The Trickster's Prison

“What is good is often forgotten. What is bad is often hidden.”

New Year’s eve, after the Scions had been to their separate celebrations, they wok to find themselves between realities around a campfire. Everyone had their own sleeping bag, and watching over them in their sleep was a man with a long beard, a bag and a furred hood. He looked like Hobo Santa, and as they all woke, he puffed his pipe and explained to them that during Yule, he was the spirit known for charity and giving the world gifts and rewards for good behavior. In the old days it have been gifting those who left out hay and sugar for Slepnir and his journey across the world, and even as the legend had changed over the centuries, he was still tied to it, still bound to be charitable for these 12 days a year.

Reaching into his bag he presented them all with gifts, small things that would help them on their quest, that he seemed to have an idea about, and had suspicions how it was possible, but had no proof.

He also told them to use their gifts wisely as they would meet again, and next time, he might not be as charitable, before he disappeared.

Still in need of Jormungandr’s venom, or perhaps a sample of Loki’s blood to culture an anti-venom in the hopes of saving Thor from his fate at Ragnarok, the group decided that returning to Svartalfheim, while not their favorite idea, might render the best results.

Speaking to the Dwarves of Svartalfheim, the band encountered the Svartalf, the Darl Elves, for the first time, or so they could only guess, the Dark Elves stayed to the shadows of which there were a gracious plenty and once on the path to the Cave where they believed Loki to have been once bound, they found themselves faced with Challenges.

…More soon

Game 10 - End of the Rainbow
or The Plan That Didn't Go According To Plan for THEM

Told in the style of Ihui

It had started as such a pleasant meal. Not my favorite music, but Ms. Germanotta seemed a pleasant enough person.

Evidently my judge of character was lacking.

The next I remembered, I was bound in an icy prison with Angrboda and Leviathan mulling aloud over how they wished to handle my torment and subsequent execution.

Their judge of character was far more remiss than my own.

I then spent the first of the month being “tortured” by Leviathan. Skilled, yes, but their choice of subject was the poorest they could have made from our band. I stoked his impotent rage from my unending joviality and mockery of his attempts to wound me markedly until Angrboda was eventually impatient enough to personally take over in place of her incompetent subordinate. This did not prove any more productive for them, even though there were several times in her fury where I thought she may actually do me in. No matter what they did, I survived and never showed a wound physically nor emotionally. I would never be able to face my family and friends had I broken under such trivial circumstances.

After the better part of a month – maybe longer? It was difficult to tell how time passed there. They both grew tired of making no progress and my relentless japery at their expense. Finally, Angrboda sent me into a deep, deep slumber. However, not to be one to rest idly in such a situation, my mind wandered far, far away from where I was and into the distant stars. There, I meditated and studied the movement of the stars, galaxies, and worlds. In the seeming chaotic movements, I found structure and patterns. I found meaning in their dance, and with it I discovered the movement of the universe – Time itself. I then saw how to step outside the dance, join and leave where I wished, and how to adjust the steps of others.

I wandered for a time that even I cannot count, as I moved between the multitudinous worlds and stars, between the ebb and flow of the Tides of Time. Eventually, I returned to see those whom I know so well, and found them coming to bring me back.

Now, in an ethereal dreamscape, things do not behave as normally do in the waking world, so my recounting of the events which transpired around me while I slumbered are not to be taken as a lucid description of what happened. That said, my band came together quite beautifully to make their way through the trapped field of deadly shafts of enchanted ice, assail the unscalable tower on which I rested, and break its enchantment in a… Very inventive way. I’m still not certain that the flying cat artillery was not bleed-over into reality from the dream realms.

… And then, with a kiss from my Heroic Prince, the curse of slumber was broken, and we all rode gaily into the sunset – crashing unceremoniously into my other brother’s bar.

Game 9 - Leading Into Trouble
or How Angrboda Pulled a Magic Trick and Still Didn't Get It

Saving Loren leading into Ihui’s abduction

Game 8 - Qué hora es? Tiempo de Aventura !
or Espinosa's Abroad
Game 7 - Venus Buried
or How Desi Liked Dirt Even Less
Game 6: Boobs, Sirens and not enough Mead
No really, not enough mead in the WORLD.

Loren called the crew together to go get Excalibur/The Sword of Frey out of the hands of a weaselly little fellow named Skirnir, who is a God of the Aesir because of course he is. We tricked him into giving up the sword in exchange for vaguely implied favors from Desi at a vaguely defined date and time in the future. This definitely involved a god snuggling blissfully into Desi’s cleavage, which would have gone on much longer if not for Roman’s restraining Skirnir and Loren’s quick use of portals. In exchange for the long-term indignity of Skirnir’s continuing attention, Desi was given the Sword of Frey to wield until such a time as we needed to give it back to Frey at Ragnarok.

Then, Tori got in touch with Roman, telling him that he’d found some sirens, a fact significant because Roman had been given a partial list of epic tasks to complete that, for every two of which completed, he would gain one piece of a relic shield. Escorting a group of sirens “where they needed to go” is one such task.

Thus, the whole group went to Greece, where we met Donnie Rhodes and Eric Donner, who had the information we needed on the group of sirens. We went to meet the sirens, who were acting as singers via a ritual that allowed them to survive on land for a short period (while on land, they had no compulsion to eat people), but which forced them to traverse the city streets on foot so that they could walk through a particular archway in order for the magic to function.

Unfortunately, this predictable route left them vulnerable to attack, so they were in need of protection. The Band agreed, and we traveled with them along their walk home. As expected, we were assaulted by a group of titan-tainted mindless drones dressed as muggers, who were chanting in a strange language surrounding us in a circle. Meja quickly pounced on one of them with Kisa, but the creature moved aside with supernatural speed, barely moving out of place to avoid Kisa’s strike, which, while frustrating, served to inform the group that normal means of combat would be useless here.

The group opted to solve the problem with miracles.

Desi used the Sword of Frey to remove the shirt of one of the chanters, revealing festering, rotting occult tattoos. Meja vaulted off of a leaping Kisa’s back to jump as high as she possibly could and called down a rain of despair, disrupting the chanters and buying additional time.
Roman leaped into the air and slammed into the ground, knocking several chanters prone and killing one.Guillermo attempted to influence the minds of the cultists, but was disappointed to discover that they had none. At that point, he decided to use a Miracle of the Sun to set one on fire instead.

Meja slapped a handprint into her own blood onto the face of one drone and banished it “Elsewhere.” Everyone involved was surprised that the unfortunate drone wound up in Ashleigh’s living room. Desi cut the vivre of Erzulie into her chest and passed out. As the goons had no minds of their own to speak of, Guillermo called on the power of Fate to force four of the remaining drones to suffer the same Fate as their compatriot (who was burning to death at the time) as Roman gathered up the sirens and leaped away to the ocean in a single mighty bound, taking them to safety.

Meja bribed Kisa into helping her summon the cats of the city to slay the four goons that were not on fire. Guillermo then called on a miracle of the Moon to pull back the tide, rescuing Roman from the sirens who, perhaps due to the stress of the assault, had decided once they got into the ocean water that they needed to eat him, and not in the fun way. Guillermo pushed back the very sea, deactivating the sirens’ unnatural hunger and allowed Roman to return to safety.

Suddenly, the five remaining drones (all of whom were on fire) turned and looked at us worshipfully before collapsing into ash, and Desi returned to consciousness.

After Meja returned from the fish market from fulfilling her promise to Kisa, Loren took us back to his flat, which is where we discovered that Desi had been a busy girl indeed while she’d been unconscious. Using a Miracle of Chevalle, she had traced the sigils tattooed into the drones’ chests first to the tattoo artist who had installed them, then to the being that had been possessing the artist when the tattoos were installed: Gnut, a Titan of Earth. She spent a bit of time in the Titan’s mind and even managed to overpower her briefly, commanding all of her followers to, for a period of six seconds, obey and worship us instead.


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