No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 1 : London Undead
or How It All Got Started

After receiving invitations from the infamous Loren Lawson, only 4 of the seven invited Scions made it to London. Expected to a degree since Fate never leaves the Children of Gods alone for long, Loren explained his reasons for calling everyone together.

One way or another everyone knew him, knew his name and knew his wife Sydney. Loren was clearly a Demigod (of 5 or more legend), while Sydney was merely a Hero. With her powers of Magic and Prophecy it had been determined that the invited individuals were destined to be in a Band with Sydney, and hopefully stop or dissuade or change (for the better) the outcome of Ragnarok. Loren made it clear he was hoping they stopped it since “The world was where he keeps his things”.

When asked why it was so important to him, acting as “Charlie to their angels” by Guillermo, Loren made it clear that his overarching goal was to see the success and continued well being of his wife. Also, since he was more bound to the current fate of the world as a Demigod, he wished to help cultivate the possibility such a fate could be changed, but not do so himself, directly.

As a show of good will he gifted Relics to each Scion, gear specifically for what they were good at, and gave them an easy but necessary assignment of cleaning up some zombies in the Southern California desert, courtesy of the broken Underworlds. Transporting them all there with Psychopomp, once the job was handled they were brought back to chat and enjoy the rest of the paid for stay in the Clardige Hotel and time in London. Until the next time he found an assignment for them, hopefully when Fate would allow all seven of the fated band to be in one place.


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