No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 22 - The Field Of Ragnarok
Or The Death of Loki / "Suck it, Sutur"

((Future note; There was only one July Game due to vacation))

Game 21 - It Has Begun
Or How Fenris Became a Real Boy
Game 20
Game 19 - Needles, needles everywhere
Or The Red Phone to Asgard and "F#ck Yo Labyrinth"
Game 18 - Puppets, Poppets and The Power of The Mind
Or How Donner's Band was screwed, and Angraboda's pissed
Game 17 - Into Atlantis [Part 2]
Or Mortal Kombat and Leviathan's Death Certificate
Game 16 - Into Atlantis [Part 1]
Or F#ck, It's Cold and Creepy

Guillermo was missing, but luckily his sister, being a Psychopomp was able to track him to the Library where it seemed he’d been researching how to get to Atlantis.

Game 15
Game 14 - House of the Rising Sun
or Your Worst Nightmare, Coyote The Sanctimonias and The Lab
Game 13 - Xiabalba and the Guardian
or That Awful Hole and the NOPE Beast of Doom

Another large Earthquake was felt in Asia today, making the eighth 6.0 + rated Earthquake since last month. The Quakes started around the 16th of January, and Seismologists are baffled as there had previously been no tectonic movement, until suddenly there was.

This of course has raised a number of End Times scares, one Church already having had a mass suicide in response. Seismologists are studying the phenominon, in lieu of these events and as of yet have nothing to report.

Repercussions are being felt world wide, the earthquake that shook the Mid Atlantic ridge last week sending a Tsunami that has finally crashed on the coast of South America, the half heading for Africa due to hit withing the next few days. Authorities were able to evacuate a majority of the population, but due to those who refused to leave and a few scientists, there have been a few reported deaths. There is no solid number for the death toll at this time. There has been no word from Cuba at this time, though tidal storms and hurricanes have been bombarding the islands of the gulf and Mexico rather badly. the Campeche Oeninsula has seen some of the worst weather for mainland Mexico at this time, but sources tell us, most everyone has evacuated best they can.

Jonathan Levi is seen on TV with stills of the band in China. “This man, who conveniently just went in to government contracts with two allied countries, appears out of “thin air” in China with a group of questionable individuals and manages to get out within a day with no word or announcement? Is that really the kind of people we want arming our troops?”

Before he gets to the part about demanding the group be labeled traitors, the scene is switched to a conferences with Desi. She’s talking about how the Band is known as a humanitarian group, clips of each of them, even Ihui, doing charity work (including that one time Guillermo lost a bet and had to come long with Meja and Ihui pre-visitations) She explains that after the band had accounts from impoverished and oppressed individuals from around the world of the deplorable conditions of jails all across the world (see very specifically this – – state department report on international prison conditions) the Band decided to pool their resources and energies to do something about it. She is quoted to say; The TV shows a picture of Desi with text scrolling down, anchor reading.

“We knew that getting actual evidence and details would be very difficult due to the lies and spin foreign governments employ to downplay atrocities in their countries. As such, we knew our best bet at getting as close to the truth as possible would be to arrive overseas and be placed in these jails first-hand.” Desi again at the press conference: “Some may call this stupidity, or nothing more than a publicity stunt, but let those stones be thrown by people who have put their reputations and their lives on the line to see first-hand these deplorable, atrocious conditions all across the globe that millions have been subjected to. We will fight for humans on the front-lines, and we will do it unapologetically. Any who would speak against our choices wear the same faces of tyranny that we have discovered in human rights violations all through the lands. I will pray for them.”

With the Natural disasters continuing, the band is brought together by Eric Donner, upset and coming to Roman in desperation after Tori recommended the Scion of Thor come to him. Tori was busy dealing with issues with his apparently estranged wife, and Donner needed help. He appeared with Dr. Aaron Tigrillo to implore the band’s help once all were gathered, saying that Donnie Rhodes and Brigitte De La Croix, their bandmates, had not died or committed suicide, but were murdered.

The band agreed and going to Donnie’s apartment in LA, Guillermo was able to reveal that there was in fact foul play involved, specifically in the shape of Leviathan. Meja also determined that while they were not in their respective underworlds as they were supposed to be, she would hopefully be able to track them.


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