No World For Tomorrow - Scion

Game 2: Wolfsheim Part I
Nazi Werewolves, Goblins Kings and Rural Germans, OH MY!

As promised the month before, the Scions were summoned by their new benefactor Loren Lawson. This time the Band was joined by two of their missing members, Nick Satiro and Gordon Shaw when all were arrived in London, the new mix for personalities keeping everyone amused for some time.

When Loren arrived and business was addressed, he explained that the next assignment was one of a sensitive nature as it involved children and would be taking them to the heart of Die Schwartzwald, or The Black Forrest in Germany. IT seemed that there was a tradition, taken over from sometimes after WWII that the werewolves that ran the town of Wolfsheim, ironically named as it was named such before the werewolves had taken over, were forcing the townspeople to participate in the Kindernacht. This tradition was rumored to be a competition in which children were chosen and sent into the woods to be hunted by the werewolves wereupon if the children made their way back to the village they were safe, though it was unlikely from what had been heard that the werewolves played fair.

This of course was plenty of information for the band to go investigate, and after tying up any immediate affairs they were off.

Arriving in the town, they were met with wariness and resistance, finding the Mayor to be an airheaded push over who lived in fear, and only 3 people who seemed to want to change the traditions though even they were not without fear. It was explained that the Kindernacht had been started by the goblins generations before the werewolves ever showed up, and that the werewolves and Goblins had been warring ever since, which was why the Kindernacht was so unfair. The Goblins would try and take their tribute in addition the werewolve’s games and everyone suffered.

The problem, and the reason the people just didn’t leave, was they felt they were trapped. In addition the goblins supposedly protected them, keeping the land around in the forest safe, while Herr Kreiger, the head of Krieger Munitions and the local facility that supplied most of the income for the town. Most people felt if they tried to leave one side or the other would try and stop them.

Mulling over the information, and being taken in by the resistance, GuillermoGuillermo, Ihui and Desi put in orders for silver weaponry as the resistance had internet. Guillermo then went to scope out the Munitions facility and it was agreed that they needed to impress upon the goblins that they needed to stay out of the Band’s handling of the werewolves.

Once Desi managed to singlehandedly intimidate the begoogers out of Puck the Goblin King, they had the oaths of the fae that they would stay out of it and decided to see if the old statue in the middle of town adhered to old traditions of having a piece of the person they were an effigy of in the center. They did, and after the statue was destroyed, Desi called on her powers of Cheval and Vodun to work a spell that would enable her to ride Herr Krieger and control him in their confrontation.

With Guillermo’s recon, Desi’s magic and a lot of discussion, the band had the beginnings of a plan to storm the munitions factory and free the town of what they had since discovered were not only werewolves that ate their children… but were also Nazi’s.

Game 1 : London Undead
or How It All Got Started

After receiving invitations from the infamous Loren Lawson, only 4 of the seven invited Scions made it to London. Expected to a degree since Fate never leaves the Children of Gods alone for long, Loren explained his reasons for calling everyone together.

One way or another everyone knew him, knew his name and knew his wife Sydney. Loren was clearly a Demigod (of 5 or more legend), while Sydney was merely a Hero. With her powers of Magic and Prophecy it had been determined that the invited individuals were destined to be in a Band with Sydney, and hopefully stop or dissuade or change (for the better) the outcome of Ragnarok. Loren made it clear he was hoping they stopped it since “The world was where he keeps his things”.

When asked why it was so important to him, acting as “Charlie to their angels” by Guillermo, Loren made it clear that his overarching goal was to see the success and continued well being of his wife. Also, since he was more bound to the current fate of the world as a Demigod, he wished to help cultivate the possibility such a fate could be changed, but not do so himself, directly.

As a show of good will he gifted Relics to each Scion, gear specifically for what they were good at, and gave them an easy but necessary assignment of cleaning up some zombies in the Southern California desert, courtesy of the broken Underworlds. Transporting them all there with Psychopomp, once the job was handled they were brought back to chat and enjoy the rest of the paid for stay in the Clardige Hotel and time in London. Until the next time he found an assignment for them, hopefully when Fate would allow all seven of the fated band to be in one place.


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