Tori Olson

Reclusive Engineer [NPC]


Known in different areas across the world, You have to know someone to find Tori Olson. However if you need something fixed, anything fixed, then he is that man you need. Everything from household appliances to vehicles that drive between Terra Incognita, the red haired mechanic is a man of few words but a man of his own word when given.

It’s rumored that if asked for help, if the source is genuine, Olson gives aid to those in need as if magically bound to do so.


Little is known about Tori Olson other than he is a Scion of The Aesir and assumed to be a Scion of Thor. Eric Donner, the famous Aesir Hero, is known for being a good way to find the Engineer as they are known to be good friends. This mostly perpetuates the theory Olson is a scion of Thor since they look so similar.

Tori Olson

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