Sydney Lawson

Volunteer Medic - Scion of Frigga


[DMPC] -

Sydney Lawson, Scion of Frigg – Volunteer medic for the Red Cross international and Peace Corps married to Loren Lawson.


Born to a Doctor and his wife in Oslo Norway, Sydney was moved to Germany to live with her Mother when she was young and her father worked for Disease control. After her mother died, her father showered her with affection and gifts, but all Sydney wanted was to become a Doctor and save lives. In Medical school she met a student teacher or Business name Loren Lawson, and everything changed.

Still wanted to help people, she married Loren young and finished her schooling, but never her doctorate. Loren was wealthy and Sydney didn’t have to work, but instead started volunteering and working with the Red Cross and UNICEF among others.

Those who know she is married to Loren Lawson don’t know or believe he is The Spectre, and those who know he is The Spectre have no idea who Sydney Lawson be it genuinely or because they intend to live long lives.

Recently she’s been seen with Meja Espinosa and her brothers Ihuicatl Espinosa and Guillermo Espinosa, and the famous Desi Red, in addition its being rumored she and Loren have adopted a little boy named Nathan, though why they’ve adopted an not just had children is most of the speculation.

Sydney Lawson

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