Messenger of Frey


The smooth talking messenger boy of Frey. He was sent on all of the most important missions because his gift of the gab always got the job done.

Nowadays with Ragnarok on the horizon, Skirnir is kind of a slacker with no interest in participating beyond saving his own hide. Flippant and generally lazy, he feels its not his fault Frey was an idiot to give up his sword because “he had an uncontrollable boner”. Maybe he should have just gone and talked to her himself seeing as it worked out in the end.

He’s suck a dick he wears a Trilby.


From this page;

When Fenrir became too big for walkies and had broken the strongest shackles known to man (or god) Skirnir mounted an eight-legged horse and made for Svartalfheim. Although small the Svartle-folk had notoriously huge egos but it didn’t take Skirnir long to sweet-talk Gleipnir out of them which set him up nicely to go and woo Gerd on his masters behalf.

He could talk a good talk but the gleaming goddess was seemingly invulnerable to his charms, even refusing gifts of golden apples and Draupnir. He hit a nerve though when he whipped out his magic sword and threatened to use his rune-magic to condemn her to a lifetime with the less than respectable Hrimgrimnir.

Skirmir’s persistance was rewarded when Frey gave him a great big thankyou in the form of a golden horse and his own magical self-stabbing sword. But he will be ruing his generosity come Ragnarok when he’s forced to face Surtr empty handed. The things some people will do to get a beautiful goddess into the sack.


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