Meja Espinosa

TV Survivalist Expert - Scion of Freja


If you’re lost and alone,
Or you’re sinking like a stone,
Carry on…

May your past be the sound
of your feet upon the ground.
Carry on…

Carry on, carry on…
-Fun. Carry On


Meja is a fairly unassuming figure as Scions go, but very photogenic for a mortal. She is athletically built, not remarkably tall or short, Her hair is strawberry blond, her eyes amber and her skin tanned. She is usually in a good mood- smiling, laughing, or giving her brothers a good-natured eyeroll at whatever foolishness they’ve just performed.

While she is quite capable of cleaning up and dressing fancy, if left to her own devices Meja generally prefers clothing better suited to schlepping around the Andes on muleback than the sort of attire one would see on the red carpet.

She is often accompanied by a trio of men, usually carrying outlandishly large professional video cameras: Barsky, Troy, and Doug, her followers and film crew. From time to time, a calico Maine Coon the size of a plowhorse shows up too.


Meja grew up in the protective custody of two older brothers and her daddy. Until Guillermo was kidnapped when he was 10 and she was 5, she feared nothing whatsoever. After that, though she was still very young, Meja realized that the world could be a dangerous place. After that, she made something of a practice of knowing what to do. It led to a lot of strange conversations… “Mommy, if there’s a tornado, what do I do? Daddy, what if there’s a fire? What should I do?” Rather than “Is the Easter Bunny real” and “Can I have a cookie?” (though those happened too.)

This interest in self-preservation became a hobby when she grew older. She loved to go camping, learning to fish, hunt, pitch a tent and build a fire all on her own. Then she learned other, more specialized things, and became something of a presence among survivalists on blogs and messageboards. Finally, she rose to the level of attention of the public, mostly by accident of making a few youtube videos about how to perform certain survival tasks and having an executive at Discovery in desperate need of a new show stumble across them.

One thing led to another, and before Meja quite knew what was happening she was filming a show on the Discovery Channel about her adventures with her bumbling film crew in various godforsaken corners of the globe, and she loved it. It gave her mother fits, but Meja herself was delighted. Unfortunately, divinity and mundane jobs are occasionally mutually exclusive, and when Freja turned up in a coffee shop and gave Meja a tiny calico bundle of fluff named Kisa, everything changed.

She managed to keep up the show for several years, hiding her encounters with mythological beasties and beings even from the crew. But as things heated up in recent years, she was forced to finally explain to Barsky & co. what the hell was going on. The boys rose to the challenge, and have taken to filming Meja’s and the band’s exploits juuust in case the world someday needs convincing that the Band is as awesome as they say they are.

More recently, she’s been seeing Icos Doukas, a Demigod son of Poseidon, and scouring the world for lost souls to save in a number of senses. There are even rumors that she and Doukas may have been wed in an exotic ceremony in the Amazon. The footage of the Band’s exploits has made it onto the internet at large, in preparation for shit properly hitting the fan, but that hasn’t stopped Barsky & co.’s cameras rolling.


Meja Espinosa

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