Loren Lawson

Acquisitions Specialist - Divine parent unknown [NPC]


Acquisitions Specialist, international Thief. Married to Sydney Lawson.


Not much is known about him other than the name Loren Lawson or his nickname “The Specter” never elicits anything less than a passionate response to those who know it. Some are grateful to him, some loathe him but there is rarely an in between. Less know what he looks like. There doesn’t seem to be a single description of him that matches another, and he is known for being impossible to track while always getting the job done.

Of course, good luck affording his services… or finding him to ask. It seems one has to be in the Know in order to obtain information that he exists, let alone how someone would go about hiring him.

It’s not known by many that Sydney is his wife, but even if Interpol is still trying to prove it, those who know for certain mention such things with a hushed voice, telling stories of the last man who tried to get at The Specter through his wife (and how they never recovered all the pieces of the body)…

Kveikjum í kveikiþráðum
og hlaupum
höldum fast fyrir eyrun,
kreppum augu
hávaðinn sker í eyrun,
hljóðhimnur leka út
með svartbundið fyrir augu, reykur
brennum lófa innað beini, svíður í
hverfum við sjóndeildarhring,
inn í

[English translation:]

Let’s light up the fuses
and run
cover our ears
shut our eyes tight
the noise cuts our ears
the eardrums leak
our eyes covered in black smoke
our palms burned to bone scorched
we disappear into the horizon

Loren Lawson

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