Joaquin Calderón

Bartender, Club owner - Scion of Quetzalcoatl


Joaquin Is a scion of Quetzalcoatl from New Orleans who owns a bar in the French Quarter named l’Arc en Ciel (“The Rainbow” in French). Ever fashionable in the Gypsy, Bohemian fashion, his make up is better than yours and he knows it. I doesn’t have to say it. His snake tattoos are actually couatls as he will correct the ignorant masses with only a little indignant, and then tell them they should go read a book and suggests a few.


Raised in the poorer areas of New Orleans, Hurricane Katrina took everything he and his mother had. It was at that time, during the storm and aftermath, that Joaquin received his visitation and using his savings, bought a building to refurbish, turning it into one of the most successful off Bourbon Street bars in the French Quarter.

Sassy and full of attitude, it is known that “haters are not allowed” in his bar, if the sight out from is any indication.


Friendly and upbeat, he likes to dance and actually is a Bartender at his own bar, though he no longers needs to be, It just seems that’s what he enjoys.

Joaquin Calderón

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