Icos Doukas

Ex-Military Navy SEAL, Bodyguard - Scion of Poseidon


Tall, with dark hair, tanned skin and light colored eyes, Icod Doukas is every inch his Greek ancestry. A man of few words, the ex-Military man went into Security shortly after his return to America. He’s been seen as a body guard for the gammut of celebrities from Miley Cyrus to Stephen King, to Meja Espinosa and on detail at Comic Con in California to name a few.


Native of Kansas, Icos joined the military to escape the mundanity of farm life. Excelling at training, he was drafted into the Seals, receiving his visitation on a special mission where he nearly sacrificed his own life to save a teammate.

When he returned, the farm no longer seemed too bad, but he was accustomed to a lifestyle having served three consecutive terms, seeing the good he could do as a scion until he met Altair Medicci and was invited to join their band after a few successful runs together.

Since then he has been working with their band and has been seen occasionally in the company of other Scions such as Meja Espinosa.

Icos Doukas

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