Eric Donner

Muscle Car Boy Scout, Scion of Thor


At six foot fi ve and a muscular 220 pounds, Eric is handsome, though not supernaturally so. He inherited his father’s red hair and steel-gray eyes, but unlike Thor, he keeps the hair
cut short and eschews facial hair. He usually dresses casually, like the blue-collar boy he is, in jeans, a denim jacket and a fl annel shirt with a white T-shirt beneath. On his right middle fi nger, he sports a bloodstone ring etched with the Germanic rune algiz (“protection”) and when he’s expecting trouble, he carries, Giantbane—quite possibly the largest revolver ever made.


At 19 years old, Eric Donner is the youngest Scion in his Band, but he’s experienced a lot in that short time. Born to an unwed mother who took sick and died by the time Eric was 10, he was raised in a small Midwestern town by his maternal grandfather, Randall. Randall
taught him the ins and outs of automobile repair, as well as what it means to be a stand-up guy. Eric learned those lessons well.

Unfortunately, Randall passed away of a massive stroke in Eric’s 17th year, leaving Eric alone… though not for long. With the aid of his grandfather’s ghost and the ravens Hugin and Munin, Eric learned he is the son of the Norse God of thunder. In short order, he received his Birthright from the dwarves Brok and Sindri and ended a frost giant plot to unearth the great wyrm Jörmungandr, though he was nearly killed thanks to the betrayal of Sly Guiler, Scion of Loki. Since then, Eric has traveled the continent in his GTO, led by Fate (and occasionally the ravens of Odin) to upset the plots of various titanspawn. In the process, he’s come to work with the other members of his heroic Band, a diverse group featuring Scions of six separate pantheons. Now, with his Band or solo, Eric continues to fight the good fight and to help those in need.

He’s doing well for himself at being known for a helper of this in need, and its also known he’s the best way to get in touch with Tori Olson for those who might have need of the mechanic’s services if they’ve no other way.

Eric Donner

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