Donnie Rhodes

Handsome Gunslinger - Scion of Aphrodite


With a tanned muscular body, sandy blond hair and piercing blue eyes, Donnie moves with the sinewy grace of a jungle cat and tends to set fashion trends rather than follow them with his casual-chic style. In dangerous situations, he’s always girded for battle, bearing his twin automatics Eros and Anteros in paired shoulder holsters hanging from the harness to the fantastic Daedalus Device.

Donnie Rhodes is deceased


Born and raised in Olympia, WA, Donnie Rhodes has led what casual observers would consider a charmed life. His father, Donald Sr., is a wealthyvshipping magnate, so Donnie’s never wanted for anything… except perhaps love. Like many before him, the elder Rhodes loved Aphrodite not wisely, but too well. Her leaving after their whirlwind romance devastated the man. The appearance of their son on the doorstep nine months later merely added insult to injury. As a result, Donnie was neglected by his father. Yet to those outside the household, it seemed Donnie enjoyed an enviable childhood, which made his descent into delinquency and tabloid headlines harder to fathom. His activities led to 10 arrests on three continents and rumors of romantic links to two pop stars, a model twice his age and a famed hotel heiress. But Donnie took little joy in his actions, only using them to try to gain the attention of his estranged parent. He fi nally succeeded, though not with the parent he expected. Making a play for the girlfriend of a young Mafi a thug in a New York nightspot, an inebriated Donnie was nearly killed. Fortunately, his mother was at the club in disguise and snatched him away to safety. Donnie later returned to twist the hearts of the criminal’s wiseguy associates into a Gordian knot of love and hate, destroying the thug in one long night of betrayals and spiteful reprisals. Donnie’s since reserved his cold rage for titanspawn, eventually hooking
up with his Band in Vegas.

Donnie Rhodes

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