Brigitte De La Croix

Scion of Baron Samedi


Brigitte De La Croix was born in New Orleans, LA, of a maryaj loa between Baron Samedi and a mortal serviteur named Aimée. Brigitte’s father was a constant presence in her life, often visiting her in dreams or riding a horse. Regardless, although her childhood was odd, she didn’t grow up in a broken home like many of her fellows. Her mother married a mortal funeral director named Jack De La Croix when Brigitte was five, but this was not unusual. Baron Samedi had many wives, after all, and demanded Aimée’s attention only a few days a month. In fact, Brigitte’s stepfather’s occupation intrigued the girl, and when she was old enough, she went to work for him. She only drove the hearse at first, but she later learned the embalmer’s art, for which she has a natural talent.

Deceased 12/31/14 – “Drowning”


Brigitte De La Croix

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