Ashliegh Petrou

Showgirl, Magus - Scion of Unknown


On the short end of average height, Ashliegh Petrou has likely never been over looked. Golden hair and tanned skin made such by her time in the sun and not a tanning bed, she has been a prominent dancer in Las Vegas for a few years now. Voted one of the most beautiful women in entertainment in 2012, she has appeared on magazine covers all over the world, and is an activist for teaching reading in 3rd world countries, and an active member of “Words of Joy”, a foundation that teaches under privileged American children to read.


Very private about her early life, the story of Ashliegh Petrou starts with her journey from Guatemala to America to seek a better life than a third world country. She Immigrated through legal means and after a few years was accepted as an American citizen. Given rights and the ability to be hired, she took her talent and went to work in Las Vegas where she exploded on to the scene, and quickly became a sensation bringing in people from across the country and eventually from around the world to see her dance and sing.

Since coming to America, Ashliegh used her salary from being a showgirl to put herself through college and has a Bachelors of Science in the field of Biology, a Masters in Microbiology and another minor in Anthropology, and is working on her Doctorate Thesis, though no one in the media know on what.

A known traveler, Ashliegh has been seen publicly with Altaïr Medicci though other than being friends, anything about their relationship is purely speculation.

Ashliegh Petrou

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