Annaleisa Watkins



Annaleisa had come to the belief that no matter how she tried to avoid it, escaping the forces of fate was an impossible task. This had led her to become rather resigned and doubtful in her general attitude towards most all who would approached her before the band appeared in Wolfsheim.

Now that the Kindernacht is a distant nightmare, and her daughter is safe, the light has been restored in Annaleisa’s life, and she is the most heartfelt and longest standing Priestess of the band, in addition to being an Oracle.


From the Wolfsheim PDF
Background: Annaleisa was a young girl traveling abroad before college. She had decided she wanted to see more of Europe in an attempt to “find herself” before committing to serious study at the University in her home town of Dortmund, Germany. Things were going according to plan until she arrived in Paris and met a boy. The young man (whose name she strangely could not recall) swept her off her feet in a classic whirlwind romance and then disappeared, leaving the broken-hearted Annaleisa pregnant and alone.

This is when the Gods of old began to speak to her and through her. It took some time for her to realize she had not gone crazy; what was happening was all too real. After her daughter Johanna was born, she tried to pursue a normal life for a few years, but found that it was repeatedly interrupted by visitors claiming divine heritage with trouble hot on their heels. Desiring only to protect Johanna, she began looking for a safe haven. Annaleisa discovered the remote town of Wolfsheim, rumored to be untouched by the war between Gods and Titans, and took her daughter there in hopes of finding peace. Upon arriving in early spring, she found that the simple and small town appeared to be just what she was looking for, quiet and peaceful.

So she used the last of her savings and bought a small cottage house on the edge of town and got a job at a local tavern, tending bar. All was fine until she learned about the Kindernacht, that Wolfsheim was anything but safe. Panicked and without resources, she tried her best to take her daughter and leave, but to no avail. No matter what she tried, she somehow could not leave the town. Time passed and Annaleisa became resigned to the fact that forces beyond her control would always shape her life. That is until just this year, when her precious Johanna turned thirteen and found herself chosen to participate in the

Description: An attractive woman in her mid-thirties, Annaleisa
wears her wavy brown hair long in a fashionably unkempt
manner that frames her pretty face and desperate blue eyes. She is
of an average build, and is typically attired in peasant dresses and
simple jewelry that compliment her features. Some would consider
her beautiful, but her sharp tongue and pessimistic scowl are too
off-putting to many.

Annaleisa Watkins

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