Mother of Monsters - Spawn of Gaia


Angrboða (an-ger-BO-tha) is known to the Aesir as The Mother of Monsters, though throughout the Pantheons, she has many names. Lamashtu tot he Mesopotamians, the Greeks call her Echidna and more modernly she is recognized in the Christian faith as Lilith, the supposed first wife of Adam and “Mother of Lies” or “Mother of Demons”, though official Christian lore on her is widely disputed.

There is no doubt however that she has given birth or rise to many Titan spawn, and while claims to be a Titan herself, it is more likely she is merely one of the more powerful Titan spawn and not yet of her own power.

It’s rumored that she sometimes masquerades as the pop star Lady Gaga, the self proclaimed “Mother Monster”, though nothing has been confirmed as it seems anyone who goes searching down that path never returns.




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