Altaïr Medicci

Millionaire Playboy - Scion of Bastet


Altair is tall and pale with yellow catlike eyes and blonde hair so pale it looks white. He wears clothing of the highest fashion and while seen in the highest class and society parties, no one knows what he does for a living in the mundane world.

In the worlds between and the circles of scions it is rumored that Altair is Il Mietitore [The Reaper], an assassin some people don’t believe exist. He is incredibly charming, and many have seen him use his charm and soft spoken nature to achieve Divine Miracles, and he is also an expert swordsman, though there is no proof of the assassin rumors.


Public record shows that Altair Medicci was born to the Conte Hernaldo Altair Matteo Medicci and his wife Contessa Maria Aletta Enrichetta Constantina Medicci in the year 1978. He was born pale and sickly, spending many weeks in the hospital on life support.

By his fifth birthday he seemed to no longer have any of his weaknesses and was infact an intelligent, charming and gifted young man. Though he bore the scar of his sickly youth in pale skin, hair and strange gold eyes, he was showered in love and affection and gifts, heir to the Medicci fortune.

While away at school in his 18th year, the Medicci palazzo in Florence, Italy was bombed by what was determined to be a random act of terrorism, and Altair’s family was killed. He inherited the fortune, but disappeared for a number of years after. When he returned he was more handsome than ever and burst onto the Media scene as the elite, gorgeous, eligibile millionaire courted by women all over the globe.

He’s survived allegations of homosexuality in the media for not already being married, he’s known to be eccentric and disappear for long periods of time, but has doubled his fortune in business endeavors from fashion to industry and is exceedingly charitable to many causes across the globe.

Altair is a known competition fencer and has talked about his sword and antique collection many times, leading some to believed he is school in more than just fencing, but most just think he’s a charming playboy.

Altaïr Medicci

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